Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Boots 17 Blue Magnetized Polish swatches

Morning! Before I forget...If somebody knows the name or number of this polish I'd love to know! I've checked the bottle over and over again but can't find it. Scratch that, I checked the Boots site and it's called "blue" *rolls eyes*.

As the title states, this is a magnetic polish and my first from 17. Blue (as they so brilliantly named it) is a deep metallic blue with purple shimmer. The purple shimmer doesn't translate onto the nail, it just looks blue. At first glance the bottle and even the cap look exactly like the Nails Inc magnetic polishes. 17's polishes are £5.99 from Boots and the magnet is included, which for the price is great as a lot of brands sell the magnet separate. With magnetic polishes I usually go for two coats; one coat to get the colour down and the second to form the pattern. My index and ring fingers both have two coats and my middle finger just one. The only difference I noticed was that with two coats the blue seemed darker in places. The magnet with this is awesome, very strong and does the job well. I was pleasantly suprised by this overall, I think it's a fantastic polish for the price.

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